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Massage and acupressure

I specifically choose antistress massage as the name for my web-page.
In my observation and hands-on experience I feel that in our world today stress is one of the greatest factors to damage our health. We already know how much liquid we should drink each day, what kind of foods we should eat to preserve our health, and how much physical activity we should engage in each week etc.

However, we do not know how to handle stress in our lives. We do not really know how to overcome elevated or excessive stress levels. The body needs rest to regenerate, to revitalize. Extensive periods of elevated stress do not cause problems at first but over time it plays a large part in the development of many illnesses and later in the prgression of existing ones.

Energy circulates in our body throughout 24 hours, which stress may block. The energy slows down, accummulates, and sooner or later the body’s normal function is impaired. We can list numerous symptoms, such as: sleeplessness, malaise; digestive problems, muscular and joint pain, anxiety, exhaustion, depression, etc. that signal a change in our psychological and physical condition.

Massage helps the healing process

Massage revitalizes the tired parts of the body as well as the entire organism. It contributes to preserving our health, to slow down the progression of existing disease, or to reverse these. It frees up the free flow of energy along the meridians, which in Oriental medicine are the channels along which the energy of the psycho-physical system is considered to flow.

Based on my several decades’ experience, I can state that massage is a pleasant and effective therapy in overcoming stress.

It is an excellent treatment by itself but it is also extremely effective in combination with and can complement other therapies such as chiropractics, physical therapy, pilates, yoga, etc.

How the massage is applied

The massage can take place lying down or sitting in a char, depending on which is the most appropriate posture for treating the problematic part of the body. It may be done clothed or not, according to your preferrence. It is not necessary to be undressed for most treatments. In the case of a body massage with oil, only the part of the body worked on is exposed, the rest is covered.

Every treatment includes opening up the energy paths and massaging appropriate accupressure points.

Massage recommendation to treat the following ailments

Massage helps preserve general health and a sense of well-being, but it also has a beneficial effect on many ailments:

-Extreme exhaustion, tiredness (psychological and physical)
-Computer symdrome (revitalization of neck, shoulders, arms, eyes and mind)
-Headache, migran
-Neck spinal disease
-Aching shoulders and arms
-Spinal disease
-Spinal hernia
-Back pain, strain, pull
-Knee arthrosis
-Ankle sprain, pull, strain
-Heel bone or foot pain
-General health maintenance

Recommended weekly, but according to your requirement, any time you feel you need one

20 Minute Lay and Fly Massage
For those with limited time who would like to be refreshed

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